The Wedding Present George Best Rar

The Wedding Present George Best Rar George Best The Wedding Present. Released 1987. George Best Tracklist. 1. ... About "George Best" "George Best" QA. More The Wedding Present albums El Rey. Take Fountain. gucci eyewear edition limited The Wedding Present Shatner George Best 30 2017 2:49; The Wedding Present Anyone Can Make A Mistake George Best 30 2017. 3:54; The Wedding Present Give My Love To Kevin George Best 30 2017 2:42; The Wedding Present You Cant Moan , Can You George Best 30 2017. 2:57; The Wedding Present All This And More George Best 30 2017 ... In 2007, the Wedding Present celebrated the 20th anniversary of their debut album, George Best, with a series of shows where the band played the album in its entirety.Revisiting its songs and energy gave the band a boost that carried over to the recording sessions for their 2008 album, El Rey.Working with Steve Albini, the engineer on the band's landmark LP Seamonsters, was also inspirational. Geor